I will never forget that first knife that I bought with my pocket money as a little kid.
I will never forget that feeling I had when I held my first own handmade knife in my hand.
That memory I want to share with you. That feeling I also want you to have.
Over and over again.

When you are holding one of “my” knifes in your hand, I want you to be able to feel that scent of new cut timber and dried linseed oil. I want you to feel the genuine care that I put in to my craftsmanship. Those lines from the knife shall continue in to your hand and your personality.

Take good care of your knife. Handle it wisely. And I can promise you that it will become a friend for life.

Latest knives

15 October, 2019
Halfhorn 50/50

Handle: Reindeer antler, Stabilized Curley Birch. Sheat: Reindeer antler, Stabilized Curley Birch. Raw leather Blade: Carbon damascus by Lars Svan

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24 September, 2019

Handle: Snakewod,brown Mammoth Blade: Rickard Perman Elmax steel Sheath: Pancake style shaft leather    

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22 September, 2019
falling star

Handle: Mammoth, Reindeer antler & Mosaik damaskus Blade: Feather damaskus by Vladic Daniluk Sheath: Shaft leather Priceinfo at carlmichael(at)carlmichael.info  

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