Knife type: Damascus steel knives

4 October, 2021

Handle: Mammoth & Damascus steel (86mm) Sheath: Mammoth & Damascus steel (81mm) Blade: Meteorite by Magnus Jönsson (Sweden) (52mm) Full length 167mm Price/info carlmichael(at)

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19 April, 2021

Handle: Stabilized Curley Birch and reindeer antler Sheeath: Stabilized Curley Birch and reindeer antler Blade: Carboon Damaskus steel bu Robin Dalman Price info at carlmichael(at)

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4 March, 2021
The Kings Defender

This is a great big full reindeer antler knife. The blade is forged by Roger Bergh. More info and price request at carlmichael(at)

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4 March, 2021

Handle: Stabilized Musk Ox antler & White Beam & Damascus guard Blade: Damasteel by Tommy Eklund More info & Price request carlmichael(at)

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7 February, 2021
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17 January, 2021

Handle: Stabilized Moos antler   Blade: Damasteel by carlMichael   Sheeath: Shaft Leather   Priceinfo at carlmichael(at)  

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5 November, 2020
Soul of the wind

Material in this knife is: Stabilized Curley Birtch & Reindeer antler. Knife blade forged by Andre Andersson Price info: carlmichael(at)

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30 July, 2020

A full damascus knife. The Blade is forged by André Andersson & The handle material forged by Vladic Daniluk. Goldplated middle sector. Sheath is made of rawhide leather.    

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1 July, 2020


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3 March, 2020
Blue Dream


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28 January, 2020
Stubben ( The Log)

Handle & Sheath: Mammot & damascus steel Blade: Damascus by Roger Bergh

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7 January, 2020

Handle: Stabilized Palmira & Mammoth Sheath: Rawhide leather Blade: Carboon damascus Price & info: carlmichael(at)

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