Knife type: Nordic knives

30 January, 2014

Handle: Sunken Oak, Mammoth, Damascus steel Blade: Carbon damascus steel Sheat: Rawhide leather, Shaft leather. Pricerequest Price: 1500$

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15 December, 2013
Mini Blue

NECKNIFE Handle: Mammot Brass, Mammoth 55mm long Blade: carbonsteel by Kent Andersson 50mm long Sheath: Colored Antler 100mm Price: 385$  

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26 October, 2013
Christmas Eve
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18 October, 2013
Frej & Slidrugtanne

A teamwoork knif betwen Me, Magnus Axelsson & Fredrik Broed. Handle: Damascus, mammoth tusk, Desert iron wood and Damasteel. Blade: RWL 34 By Magnus Axelsson Scrimshaw: Fredrik Broed Sheat: Raw cow leather sami styled & Salmon skin 300 g 22.5 cm long ( blade 11cm ) Price: 1540$

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1 September, 2013
Clouds ( Moln )

  Handle: Stabilized moose and reindeer antler, Reindeer antler. Sheat: Stabilized moose antler, Reindeer antler. Blade: Damascus by Kent Andersson Price: 1385$  

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27 June, 2013
Midsummer eve

A Neck knife 8 cm long  (handle/blade) Handle: Reindeer antler whit scrimschaw by carlMichael Blade: Damascus by Kent Andersson Sheath: Reindeer antler whit scrimschaw by carlMichael

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1 June, 2013
Boa Albino

Handle. White mammoth, Spalted Birtch. Sheath: Boa constrictor skin ore spalted Birch whit rawhide leather. Blade: Stainless by Stefan Helth Price: 650$

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21 April, 2013

Handle: Sunken Black Oak, reindeer Antler.Blade: Tommy Jimmyfors, StainlessSheath: Rawhide Leather

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22 November, 2012

 Handle & sheath: Reindeer antlerBlade: Damasteel by carlMichaelScrimshaw by carlMichael

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28 October, 2012
Dragon Fighter

Handle: Marple burl, Moose, MammothBlade by Johan Gustavsson.Sheath: Shaft Leather

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28 October, 2012

Skaft/ Handle: Masurbjörk/Maurbirtch, Renhorn/ reindeer antler  

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21 September, 2012
Mountin Hike

Handle: Reideer antler and Willow burl Blade: Stailess Stefan Heth Sheth: Rawhide lether

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