Knife type: Theme knives

2 September, 2012

A letter opening knife. Made out of Box Elder Burl & Reindeer antler. Info: This knife come at first place in the Swedich championchip 2012 in the "Art knife class".  

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2 September, 2012
Flowing Leaf

Handle: Whitebeam, mammoth tooth, engraved steel by Daniel Qvarnström. Blade. Tommy Jimmyfors Sheat: Shaft leather Info: This knife come at second place in the Swedich championchip 2012 in the "teamwork class". Price: 1230$

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16 February, 2012

A KITH knife. Skaft: Färgad stabiliserad Sälgrot Blad: Sammarbete mellan Roger Bergh och carlMichael Slida: Shaftläder

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19 January, 2012
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27 December, 2011
Love and Peace

Handle: A lot of different stabilized wood.Blade: Carbonsteel by Anders HedlundSheath: Raw hide Leather

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24 December, 2011

Handle: Reindeer & Curley Birtch Blade: Mahikel Eklund Carbonsteel Sheath: "lappish Leather"

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30 May, 2011

Inspired by the super-secret stealth aircraft, I found the shape to this knife. Handle: 12cm black and clear Spalted Birtch Blade: 10cm damascus made by Roger Bregh Sheath: Rawhide leather

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10 April, 2011

Handle: Black Oak Blade: Paul Strande  

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25 February, 2010
Conquered by Death

Handle: Mammot, Giraffbone och spalted birtch. a cut silverring. Blade: Steen Nielsen    

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2 February, 2010
Bronze Age

Handle: Whaleross ivory Blade: Per Björkman stainless twist 

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18 December, 2009
Blueberry Hill

Handle: Stabilized couloredbirch, Mammoth10.0cm Sheath: Shaft lether Blade: Stainless fulltang 7.2cm

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14 December, 2009

Handle: Stabilized colored sallow root 9.0cm Sheath: Lether Blade: Carbonsteel by Anders Hedlund 7.2cm

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