Knife type: Utility knives

14 January, 2018
Lady MacBeth

Handle: Curley Birch, Mammoth. Blade: Carbonsteel damascus stckremoval by carlMichael Sheath: Rawhide leather   Pric info at

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12 January, 2018
Helge II

Handle: Spalted Beech, mammoth, Palmira. Blade: Damascus by Micke Andersson Sheath: Rawhide leather

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18 December, 2017
Grey Pearl

Handle: Marple burl Grey Mammoth, Bog Oak Blade: Carbon steel by Nylund brothers Sheath: Marple burl & Shaft leather   Price info at carlmichael@carlmichael.inf

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18 December, 2017
Ice & fire

Handle: Curley Birch, Mammoth & Reindeer antler Blade Damascus Sheath: Rawhide leather   Priceinfo at

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15 September, 2017

      Blade: Stanless steel. Handle, cup and pipe Birch burl.   Price request at  

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8 August, 2017

Handle: Stabilized Curley Birch, reindeer antler. Sheath: Stabilized Curley Birch, reindeer antler. Blade: Carbon steel Damascus by carlMichael  

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9 March, 2017

Mammoth & mosaik Damaskus in handle.   Available at  

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28 December, 2016

Handle: Whalrus tusk, Stabilized spalted Oak, Natural shaped and A totally asymmetric handle Blade: Grinded by Thomas Löfgren Sheath: Spalted stabilized Oak, shaft leather    

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22 September, 2016
Mosaic Love
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8 September, 2016

Handle: walrus tusk, Wild hog Blade: Damascus by Nylund brothers Sheath: Rawhide leather contact on  

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29 June, 2016
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1 April, 2016
Mid winter

A small neckie of reindeer antler

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